Adam Campbell

Musician and software developer from GlasgowTwitter


FANCYYYYY - record label and eurorack modules with Tristan ClutterbuckEgo Depletion with Fritz WelchFua with Tina Krekels and Tristan Clutterbuck


Ego Depletion: EGO DERPZ - CD on Chocolate MonkScoring Noise | Bow Gamelan Ensemble Symposium, Cooper Gallery Dundee - performance with Tina KrekelsTectonics festival - performance with Tina KrekelsFua - Cassette and download on FancyyyyyGoogiepal: The Scottish Rave Whistle and The Danish Homophobic Rave Recorders - 7" on AlkuGap in the Air, Talbot Rice Gallery - Recurring Points: audio visual installationCounterflows / Goethe Institute - festival residency with Andrea NeumannSTEIM - physical computing internshipCafé Oto / Jerwood Arts - residency with Boar collective